Based in Portland, Oregon, Couture Jewelers was founded by Parisian trained master jeweler, Laurent Worme. We believe that designing and producing couture fine jewelry for each client is a gift and a responsibility. Laurent’s extensive training with European master jewelers and the development of his own unique sensibilities to the craft has shaped Couture Jewelers’ approach to jewelry as an art form, rather than an industry. We recognize that art is emotion — incapable of being reproduced by machines. Using traditional old world craftsmanship even in the most modern and contemporary pieces, Couture Jewelers produces hand made works of wearable art.

Several years ago, Laurent met Native American artist, Lillian Pitt. At the time, Lillian’s artistic focus was on native sculpture. Through a mutual recognition and appreciation of each other’s artistic talents, Lillian and Laurent became friends and began collaborating on designing and creating Native American jewelry. Lillian lends her unique perspective on native culture to Couture Jewelers designs.